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The 108  Full menu available. WiFi available New entry in the Guide in 2015

Yet another Galway Bay Brewery pub, the sixth in Dublin.

Mostly Irish craft beer on tap with a few international beers (all decent). 13 relatively fixed taps and 11 rotating. New upstairs bar open 6pm Thur-Sat. Tasters flights available.

Adelphi  WiFi available New entry in the Guide in 2017

Restaurant in the Abbey Hotel.

First Dublin pub of Galway Bay Brewery (sister pub to the newer Brew Dock and Black Sheep).

Fifth Dublin pub from Galway Bay Brewery in the Dublin Conrad Hotel. Sister pub to Against the Grain, The Brew Dock and The Black Sheep.

Anseo  Live Music WiFi available

Highly recommended dive bar on Camden Street Lower. About 5 or 6 taps have craft beer. Good bottle selection.

Arthur's Pub  Full menu available. Live Music WiFi available

A traditional pub near the Guinness Storehouse, but lots of Irish beers, too. No TV.

Gastropub with some craft beer. Many beers from their house line "Brewtonic" brewed mostly by Rascals.

Barber themed bar where you can actually get a hair cut (by appointment)

Bar Rua  Full menu available. Live Music WiFi available New entry in the Guide in 2017

About half of their taps are from Carrig Brewing with most of the rest being other Irish craft breweries.

Long narrow pub with good selection of Irish craft beer. Irish Craft Beer Pints are €4 every Tuesday. Food is basically pizza.

Yet another Galway Bay Brewery pub. Twenty taps, two thirds Galway Bay beers and the rest guests.

Another local pub with a decent craft beer selection.

The Black Sheep  Fred Honorable Mention Full menu available. WiFi available Regularly has cask ale

Another Galway Brewery Pub. They have a good selection of guest beers as well as their own.

Pub attached to the Whelan's Live music venue. Irish craft beer in keg, bottles and cask.

Locals pub that has some O'Hara's and 8 Degrees on draft.

Sister pub to Against the Grain and The Black Sheep. Owned by Galway Bay Brewery but has a good selection of other beers.

Brewery Lane  Full menu available. Live Music WiFi available

Live music Friday and Saturday nights.

Modern "Gastropub" with some interesting beers.

Tap room for Brú Brewery

Near Christchurch Cathedral. Downstairs is a steakhouse, upstairs is the "Butcher's Bar"

Lots of international industrial beers but a number of Irish craft beers makes this worth a stop. Some quality US beers as well.

Decent craft selection but caters to a younger crowd in the evening.

Famous for their traditional music they have also improved their beer range of late.

In the Blackrock area of Dublin, this is the fourth Galway Bay Brewing pub in Dublin.

Wine bar with a good selection of Italian bottled beers.

Another recommended suburban pub.

The Forty Foot  Full menu available. WiFi available New entry in the Guide in 2015 Regularly has cask ale

The second (of possibly many) Wetherspoon's (a British pub chain) in Dublin. Draft beers seem to be mostly British and International. Irish beers are all bottles (as of Feb 2015). Not worth a special effort but worth a visit if in the area.

Gasworks Bar  Full menu available. WiFi available New entry in the Guide in 2015 Regularly has cask ale

Another new Galway Bay Brewery pub in Dublin. On the ground floor of the Grand Canal Hotel, it is a bit more upscale than some of the other Galway Bay pubs.

The Hill Pub  Full menu available. WiFi available New entry in the Guide in 2016

Old pub newly reopened as a "Gastropub" with a decent beer selection.

It's been on my To Do List for years, just haven't made it yet.

Cozy bar with a fireplace.

Former Messrs Maguire location, under new ownership. Brewpub with 5 regular beers, a couple of seasonals and guest beers. Beers are much improved over previous incarnation.

Another traditional old pub that is starting to serve craft beers.

Restaurant and pub. Also has an extensive selection of Whiskey (and Whisky). Mostly Irish Craft beer but some quality imports and British Ales on cask.

Lemon & Duke  Full menu available. WiFi available Pilsener Urquell tankovna pub

Restaurant with Pilsener Urquell Tanknova (tank beer). Also a selection of industrial beers on draft.

Neighborhood pub in the suburb of Dalkey. Surprising good selection of beer for an out of way place.

Restaurant with a decent beer selection.

Cozy corner pub, sister to 57 The Headline. Only food is pizza.

O'Neill's  Full menu available. Live Music WiFi available

Historic old pub with large number of taps. Most are international style beers but a decent selection of Irish Craft brews.

Historic old pub near Trinity College. A good selection of Irish Whiskeys and a limited but decent beer list.

Formerly the Bia Bar.

The Porterhouse A Fred top pick  Full menu available. Live Music WiFi available Regularly has cask ale

Ireland's first brewpub, now claiming to be the largest Irish owned brewery. Nightly live music. Usually about 10 of their beers plus 6-8 guest beers. Full menu.

Second location of the Porterhouse Brewing Company. Across from Trinity College.

Another recommended suburban pub.

Be sure and check out the taps in the back room, that is were a lot of the interesting stuff is.

The first (of possibly many) Wetherspoon's (a British pub chain) in Dublin. Draft (and cask) beers seem to be mostly British and International. Irish beer was all in bottles.

Basement bar with mostly Irish craft beer.

Urban Brewing  Full menu available. New entry in the Guide in 2017 Brewpub. On the To Do List

Brewpub in the chq Building.

Formerly the Porterhouse North but now more restaurant than nightclub. Reportedly still pouring Porterhouse beers so may be worth a stop. Any news welcome.