Pubs in Dublin 1

Adelphi  WiFi available New entry in the Guide in 2017

Restaurant in the Abbey Hotel.

Long narrow pub with good selection of Irish craft beer. Irish Craft Beer Pints are €4 every Tuesday. Food is basically pizza.

The Black Sheep  Fred Honorable Mention Full menu available. WiFi available Regularly has cask ale

Another Galway Brewery Pub. They have a good selection of guest beers as well as their own.

Sister pub to Against the Grain and The Black Sheep. Owned by Galway Bay Brewery but has a good selection of other beers.

Wine bar with a good selection of Italian bottled beers.

Urban Brewing  Full menu available. New entry in the Guide in 2017 Brewpub. On the To Do List

Brewpub in the chq Building.

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